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Playing for laughs.

Today marks two and a half years since Steve sadly died. I am still in the same flat and still looking for a job. Then again, perhaps that should be worded ‘the right job’. I managed to find a part-time one last year but it didn’t work out and I was back to square one. Actually make that back to square minus one where it knocked my confidence badly and made me wonder even more so if I was ever going to have a chance to work again.

The Olympics inspired my poem last year on the occasion of Steve’s eighteen month Angelversary. The blog entry and poem can be found HERE

In the last twelve months the feel good factor of the London Olympics has dwindled although we have had moments of national pride in sport. Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win should have been a high but I’ve not been able to watch Wimbledon since Steve died. He loved tennis and it’s so sad he didn’t live to see a British male player lift the trophy.

I’ve just read back the above and am aware I am coming across like a grumpy old woman. Not a good day for me where I am missing Steve. Maybe I will cheer up later?  I hope that Steve’s beloved Crystal Palace (now adopted by me in place of Chelsea no less) win against Crawley Town today in a Pre-Season friendly before Palace embark on the first Premiership game. The Premiership starts with a game at Home against Tottenham on 18th August. Tottenham was Steve’s dad’s (Alan’s) team. I’d like to think of Steve and Alan having a pint in Heaven and watching the forthcoming match together.

With the help of Chris (Steve’s sister’s boyfriend) Steve and I managed to take Alan to watch a game at Selhurst Park around 1989. I wish that we had made more effort to get him out. That is the only time in all the years I knew Alan (from 1988 -1994) that we ever spent any quality time with him on our own albeit with Chris there too. I am also aware it was probably the last time Alan will have seen a footy match or possibly even had an enjoyable day out.

Huntington’s disease is cruel. It robbed Steve of his father and his grandfather and many loved ones. It robbed me of Steve but it didn’t rob him of his fighting spirit and whilst I am still here the fight goes on.

The book Curse in Verse and Much More Worse is still selling and getting good reviews.

The E-Petition is nearly at 3,000 signatures.

Despite twice nearly going under, Palace are now in The Premiership. I often joked with Steve “You support Crystal Palace and have Huntington’s; how unlucky can a man be?” Then again, Steve beat Huntington’s in his own way by dying before it could put him in a Home, and his team are now my team. Steve always had a dry sense of humour. Two and a half years after his death I think he is having the last laugh bless him.

And Palace have been helping the HDA though goals. see HERE  Do feel free to donate whether you like Palace or not 😉

No poem today but photo below of Steve and his dad from our wedding day. It took tremendous strength by Alan  to be able to stand for so long on the day for the photos bless him.

Steve 2 and Alan cropped