Monthly Archives: November 2012

Self indulgence.

The reason for posting up on here today is I wanted to do something to mark what would have been mine and Steve’s 24th Wedding Anniversary.

I have posted up on YouTube a little Video Slide-show to music (See link below).

Like all marriages the dynamics of our relationship changed over time. As I have put on a poem on another video slide-show we became simply more like friends than husband and wife as time went on but that is no bad thing. Steve was, and always will be, my best friend. Even now he makes me laugh when certain things come on the TV or the radio and I think of how we shared things. I glance at the digital frame and a photo of that smile or cheeky look says a thousand words.

In my own opinion, it’s the verbal communication restraints within Huntington’s that can be one of the worst parts of the disease. We were lucky that we spent so many years together, and within those years so much quality time together. This made it much easier to pick up on the subtle nuances when just a turn of the head, or a part of a smile, could convey what was likely to be on Steve’s mind.

Sometimes you don’t need to speak words to say what you are thinking. I’m obviously extremely biased when I look at those snaps but I’d like to think it comes across that we are both very VERY much in love on that day, and comfortable with taking on each other 🙂

I’ve called this post ‘Self indulgence’ as that’s what the slide-show is in many ways. However, I couldn’t resist putting in text between slides in the hope that if people stumble across the video they might be tempted to look into this thing called Huntington’s and get more information.