Monthly Archives: September 2012

It’s only money…

Today marks exactly 20 months since Steve died. Was a time I didn’t think I’d live 20 minutes past him, let alone 20 months! The 20 is significant where Steve was born exactly 20 days before me. God forbid I live 20 years more than him though as I can see myself turning into the crazy lady who lives on her own down the road with 20 cats…

The Olympics have been and gone but it’s not exactly inspired me to get off my butt and take up sport. I’m still more into watching and listening on the telly or radio than playing.

The footy season is up and running and I had previously sent a copy of my book to the guys at Palace Radio Station. Palace Radio is only on air on Crystal Palace Home Match days but it’s lovely that they have made a couple of shout outs for Steve in the previous two seasons and, in the process, Huntington’s gets a little bit more exposure.

They gave another shout out last Saturday (Palace 3 – Cardiff 2 lol). They didn’t quite get the title of the book exactly right though bless em. Not their fault though…

It’s a bit confusing when looking straight at the cover and, in my effort to be arty-farty and pick out the word C U R E from the title criss-cross of words, it doesn’t exactly lend itself to one sentence with a beginning and an end. Authors beware… Don’t expect peole to take the name from the spine.

When I next do my accounts I expect I have given away more than I have sold! Alongside the Palace copy, I went to the London Branch meeting of the HDA last week and donated two copies to add to their Library. I gave another to one of the attendees who is refreshingly from a Care provision company and is trying to get more information on the disease and how it affects families.

Somehow I think the Modules I did on Marketing and Accounting for my Purchasing Degree need to be dug out and a refresher course is required. I have not quite got the ‘profit is king’ way of looking at this venture. Then again… It’s not so much about profit; it’s about awareness and doing something to honour Steve’s memory.

No poem today. I have put below a snap of Steve and me enjoying the high life on a cruise and Steve boarding Concorde back in 1998. I may end up in cardboard city under Waterloo Station at this rate. Having said that, I am glad knowing about HD from the start meant we were able to save for and enjoy the good times knowing we needed to sieze the day whilst we still could. We have wonderful memories which can never be replaced.