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Toasting and boasting

ImageThe above photo was taken on 14th May 2001. It was us toasting Steve’s 40th Birthday.

Where Huntington’s disease onset typically starts at around the age of 40 it was always going to be a bittersweet moment.

Since last posting I have managed to get a part-time job and I have been dabbling more with our photos and youtube. My poems are tending to escape out of me at random as opposed to my wanting to create a collection.

Not done much on the Charity side of things events wise but I have lots of ideas, just a case of getting my priorities sorted.

I have given below links to my latest youtube experiments with photo slides. Not the best of efforts I do agree. God knows why the bottom of one photo seems to be bungled with a steam of stuck snaps. I will get around to doing a tidy up one day I dare say…

Under the links is my latest poem for Steve. He may not have made it to 51 in the normal sense of being BUT he is 51 tomorrow to me bless him!  Team Dainton The real Trish  Steve through the years and back Heaven for Everyone by Queen

Birthday Boy

 Your 51st birthday is soon to arrive,

We’d see ‘We Will Rock You’ when you were alive.

Now simply at home with just you, cats and me,

We’ll watch your loved Queen on our old DVD.


Last year was a gathering of kin being kind,

“You’re alone” in your casket held fast in my mind.

This year I will feel I’ve betrayed you much more,

When I pick up my coat and I go through the door.


I’ve started a job and albeit part-time,

To leave you one moment still feels it’s a crime.

The day will be busy, I’ll need to crack on.

I’ll beg your forgiveness for leaving so long.


The years of your living, each birthday was blessed

We’d still celebrate life though HD had progressed,

A meal or a Show, a short trip or cruise,

Toasting each other, smile, camera ,booze!


Those photos I treasure, but does truth concur?

We seemed to be happy and mainly we were!

By putting to music it brings them to life.

It captures the spirit of me the PROUD wife!


With all of my failings it still seems to be,

That when we’re together you look proud of me!

I always feel humbled when seeing your face,

To smile and look happy despite HD’s pace!