Monthly Archives: January 2012

‘Moving’ pictures

As any reader of this blog will note (all one of us I dare say) I am not in the habit of coming in and updating on a regular basis. When embarking on this project I decided to only post entries when the urge took me. Today’s urge is self explanatory.

This particular entry is another new poem dedicated to Steve. This week, on Friday 27th January 2012, marks one year since Steve passed on.


I will never forget what HD did to you,

All the torment and suffering that you went through.

Now it’s one year on and you’re free of HD,

But the price that we paid was you’re not here with me.

As I look at your pictures that hang on the wall,

They don’t chart a progression, they don’t chart a fall.

I can see through the years that your eyes remained true,

They still sparkle with naughtiness; deep sapphire blue.

And the smile on your face; and that so cheeky grin;

And the genuine happiness that shines within;

And the wisdom that shows in those eyebrows you raised;

And the smartness of dress sense that often was praised.

Casual poses and those of great elegance;

Laughing at jokes with such wit and intelligence;

Snap shots of fun, frozen now 2 dimensional;

Moments Spontaneous, gems unintentional

The sense of alertness from one oh so clever,

They capture the essence of my man forever.

Did I really say that you’re ‘Not here with me’?

How stupid to say that! It never could be!

You’ll always be with me, and if I went blind,

I would still see your pictures and smile in my mind.

Until I am dead you will always be here,

And your presence grow stronger, year upon year.