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And the wisdom to know the difference…

As the Serenity Prayer goes…

‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things that I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference’

(Rienhold Niebhur)

One of my targets has been to get the book professionally proof read and reprinted. Having looked into the costs involved I took the decision to stick with the hard copy as it stands. The sooner the production costs start turning into profit for the HDA the better.

Not wanting to let my decision stop getting the book out in other money generating formats, I worked on going into the text myself and tidying up a bit with a view to getting it on Kindle.

A Kindle version is now available from Amazon but it took a lot of reformatting to get the poetry to look right. Even now it goes awry a bit when changing the text size but I don’t think that can be helped I’m afraid. I could pay about £300 to have a company tweak it but like I say…

If I’m honest I still don’t own a Kindle but I do buy and read books through the Kindle for PC free software download

Note to self: Must get my butt into gear and work out how to do the clever hyperlink shortcuts again…

Whilst mentioning getting my butt into gear, I have only been to a couple of events this last few weeks out of several I had planned.

I attended a DeNDRoN (see link below) meeting where my poem ‘The Carer’ was used as part of a session discussing how patients with neurological conditions may express distress and what carers can do to recognise and alleviate distress be it physical; psychological or even emotional

I also attended my local Huntington’s Disease Association Branch Meeting. Dr Ed Wild gave a presentation on the research programmes and support out there to help find a cure for HD or better treatment at least. Dr Wild is mentioned in my poem introduction for The Researcher and I was pleased to be able to hand him a copy.

I was not able to make a book signing event in Hertfordshire due to family illness, or a conference on HD in Leicester where Charles Sabine was due to present. I was, however, very pleased that the organisers of the Leicester conference passed on my book to Charles. Charles has several mentions in the book including ‘The Owl and the Ostrich’ and ‘The APPG’.  Charles kindly thanked me in an e-mail and called it an ‘imaginary way’ of creating awareness which was great to hear.

Last but not least, I came in today to up-date the blog where I wanted something public to mark the 10 month anniversary of Steve’s death. It would have been our 23rd Wedding Anniversary on Thursday 25th November.


We didn’t marry in a church,

Yet still the vows were spoken.

And somehow one remained intact,

Among the many broken.


“In sickness and in health” I vowed,

I did walk out that door,

But always came straight back to you,

Then loved you more and more.


And when the mistress of HD,

Decided she would fight;

I held on to your heart and love,

And fought with all my might.


The HD mistress grabbed at you,

She clung with no release.

Caught in the battle, you grew tired,

And looked to me for peace.


The night you died I let you go;

No longer pulled apart.

The Mistress won your body but,

She didn’t win your heart.