For Steve

Tomorrow (27/7/2011) will be six months since Steve died.

Since releasing the book I haven’t done much on the poetry front but I didn’t want to let the day pass without composing a poem for Steve…

Been six long months since you went away,

And I think about you as I go through my day,

It feels like I’ve sobbed a million tears,

And that we were robbed of a lot of good years.


But in all honesty any years going by,

Would have made you more weaker, and still you would die,

And the future look bleaker and still I would cry,

And I mustn’t begrudge you your peace…

I remember you wanted release…


So I have to remember, though it don’t seem right,

You were tired of this world; you were tired of the  fight.

Played our CD each day, with the snaps of us two,

And the smiles on our faces hide bitterness too,

So I mustn’t begrudge you your peace…

Must remember you needed release…


Got my list of the things that I wanted to do,

Wrote the book, planted tree, at last things I’ve seen  through,

But they don’t mean a thing without you here to see,

They have been done for you and not only for me,

See I haven’t forgotten bout you…

Was the very least that I could do…


Yeah I get through each day now as best as I’m able,

I talk to your casket that sits on your table,

I know that I look now as if I’m unstable,

Who cares if unstable is true,

It’s the way that I cope without you…


And I gave up the booze and the other stuff too,

That I once used for comfort, to help me get through,

And the ironic part is that now I am free,

All those things that I craved are no longer for me,

I won’t know if they hadn’t been there,

Would I given you much better care?


So life carries on and there’s good times and bad,

As the wound of grief heals it gets less and less sad,

And the ghost of your illness walks further away,

But I call to the ghost and I beg it to stay,

Coz the last thing I ever could do,

Is forget about how it took you.


And the last thing I ever will do,

Is forget what HD did to you!



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  1. Trish I’m making this request from Huntingtons Queensland. Would you be kind enough to give us your permission to re-print your great poem ‘The Terminology’ in our upcoming Newsletter and also the poem ‘For Steve’ in a possible future newsletter? We would, of course, credit you as the author in both instances. Your poems are wonderful.
    Kindest regards
    Anne Stanfield
    PS: You can look us up at if you want some info about us.

    • Hi Anne,

      I would be more than happy for you to use ‘The Terminology’ and ‘For Steve’ in another newsletter. My poems have always been intended for awareness and helping those with HD and their carers so it would be an honour to have Steve’s legacy reach as wide an audience as possible.

      Thank you so much for the kind worlds also. I will check out the site to hear more about the network you guys have. Good luck with the Hd Conference. I have some friends on the HDA website and FB pages who are talking about going this year.

  2. I mentioned ‘Hd Conference’ above. Just to clarify I was talking about Australia being chosen to host the 2011 World Congress on Huntington’s this year which takes place in Melbourne. Have a wonderful time anyone who may be going.

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