Birthday Blues

Well reader…

Since last posting I have had a Birthday. I am now entitled to tick the box on the job-seeking applications saying I am 50 or over  which, apparently, merits me more support to get back into the workplace. I’m not holding my breath at getting a job anytime soon.

I am still waiting for feedback on my last (only) job interview session where I thought I did really well. That was, until I got the rejection letter sent by e-mail with a load of errors in  it. And to think… part of the job interview included an exercise in proof reading and attention to detail and they couldn’t even work out that sending me a letter marked ‘Dear Teresa’ when my name is Trish was a tad ironic! Mind you.. they probably saw my book and realised there are a few typos in it – Oooops.

In my efforts to promote my book I opened up a Facebook Group today:!/home.php?sk=group_214260525274272&ap=1

I have had two responses so far. One saying thanks for the invite and another by way of a message. Chances are it will be just another platform for reinforcing low self esteem when people are more interested in other things but we shall see.

Not done much else of the promotion front this week. Not just laziness but on account of having my gas combi-boiler condemned and replaced which has meant several workmen in and out all week. To put a new one in needed taking down part of my bedroom and hall ceiling. I still have big holes now which may dominate my activities next week. Bugger!!!

I did do one tiny bit of writing though. I was so angry about the Programme on Telly made by Panorama about abuse in a Care Home that I knocked up a poem for my Triond Page:

Passes the time away while the diamond drillers make big holes in my walls I supose…


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