OMG I am on Amazon

I received the hard copies of my book this week from Grosvenor House. As per my last blog the error on the back cover sticks out like a sore thumb to me now but that’s okay. My baby may not be perfect but it’s still my baby and I love it! The errors inside (also my fault) I can live with too as there are only a few blemishes I can see without a microscope.

It is an amazing feeling having a book in your hand with your name on it. I appreciate self-publishing is often classed as ‘vanity’ publishing but I can live with that as well. The name ‘Dainton’ on the cover was the name I took when marrying Hubby and it’s always been about being proud of marrying someone with Huntington’s disease and not being ashamed of his name or of the affliction which he inherited.

We shall see if there is a back-lash from the family given Huntington’s has such a stigma attached to it. Watch this space as they say…


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