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Profit margin dilemmas.

Last week I was invited to attend a Carers Reception and the monthly meeting of my local Huntington’s Disease Association Branch.

At the Reception, I felt obliged to give out for free a couple of copies of my book. One to an MP who was giving a speech about funding for carer respite, and one to the lady who kindly asked me to accompany her where she feels I have something to give to the issue as an ex-carer.

Many would say that surely a person currently caring for someone has more to say than me? Problem is this…The classic catch 22 situation. I’m only able to attend things these days because I am not a carer. When I was looking after someone I was trapped at home!

I have written off the material cost of freebies as being promotional but I am aware I need to be careful how far and wide I start  handing out the freebies as this is, after all, supposed to be an eventual fundraiser. As soon as I recoup the self-publishing costs any profit goes to the HDA.

At the HDA Branch Meeting I promoted my book to not only try pushing sales but ask for feedback. I just hope the feedback comes back more positive than negative in the main and I am not asked to change many of my own observations. I will be getting the book re-printed later this year to take account of the lack of professional proof-reading in my haste to get hard copy, the last thing I need is spiralling costs if I change it radically.

For the HDA Meeting I only took 2 copies. I needed to flag up the Amazon site more and didn’t have many copies to bring anyway.  However, I will be taking along more copies to the next meeting having been asked to do so. One of the Members asked the question whether there was more profit using the Amazon route (£6.95 + P&P) or buying from me at the discounted price of £5? The £5 has been an arbitrary figure set by me but I may need to tailor it to the event given no RRP is actually stated on the book. As long as I don’t go under £4.00 or over £6.95 I think it should be okay.

I had a number of copies of my book on order working out at £3.00 per copy (print costs based on 180 pages @ 1p per page and £1.20 paperback cover). With postage for 30 copies being £7.50 the costing at this stage comes out at £3.25 per book. That makes a profit of £1.75 per book whereas, having deducted distribution costs @ 40%, the profit from the Amazon sale works out roughly to £1.17. We shall see how it all equates once I get the sales figures but when I see the variety in prices quoted on Amazon by sellers,  including one company selling on as ‘used’ I am a bit bemused as to whether I get 2 lots of royalties based on someone selling my book a second time?

Still… at least with using the print-on-demand option I am not having to deduct costs for a cleaner to dust off hundreds of books piled up until they sell lol.

OMG I am on Amazon

I received the hard copies of my book this week from Grosvenor House. As per my last blog the error on the back cover sticks out like a sore thumb to me now but that’s okay. My baby may not be perfect but it’s still my baby and I love it! The errors inside (also my fault) I can live with too as there are only a few blemishes I can see without a microscope.

It is an amazing feeling having a book in your hand with your name on it. I appreciate self-publishing is often classed as ‘vanity’ publishing but I can live with that as well. The name ‘Dainton’ on the cover was the name I took when marrying Hubby and it’s always been about being proud of marrying someone with Huntington’s disease and not being ashamed of his name or of the affliction which he inherited.

We shall see if there is a back-lash from the family given Huntington’s has such a stigma attached to it. Watch this space as they say…

I may regret this…

It’s around 3 in the morning. I can’t sleep and I stumbled upon WordPress whilst doing a search on something else and the next thing I know I am attempting to blog.

Why can’t I sleep?

Lots of reasons, some of which involve the fact it would have been the 50th birthday of my husband today (14th May) but he died in January but that’s a whole other story I’m not up to going into right now.

Another reason is I have spent years on writing a book and, prompted by hubby’s death, taken the plunge to get it published. Knowing I needed to capitalise on my new found sense of urgency, I have gone down the ‘Self-Publishing route. I’m using Grosvenor House Publishing who have been really great in my dealings with them so far.

Earlier this week I signed off the final proof for the cover and got the e-mail to say it was going for print run today. I have ordered 30 copies, in addition to the 5 free copies, and made the big mistake tonight of looking at the cover proof again before going to bed.

How come, having read the words in my Word doc many, many times; and having read the proof which came direct from those words many, many times; do I now spot I have a superfluous ‘the’ in there? Being the back cover it sticks out like a sore thumb now but it didn’t seem to be there before? Not the Publisher’s fault, I should have proof read better or held back to give time to get it professional read.

Ho hum…